Talk: How we use MongoDB at BusyConf Dec 14, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC — MongoDB Users GroupJim Garvin and I attend conferences, and as attendees, the schedule at the conference is often lacking. It’s poorly organized, lacks information, and requires Internet access. This makes it hard as an attendee to choose the talks you want to go to. BusyConf is an attempt to solve that problem while also making it easier for conference organizers to run a conference. We handle the calls for proposal, we allow organizers to rate proposals, we give them an interface to drag-n-drop activities onto a schedule, and we publish that schedule in many formats.

MongoDB was a huge win for us while designing our application. The goal of this talk is to explain why we chose MongoDB, how we use it at Busyconf, what design decisions we considered, and what the alternatives might have been.

BusyConf and MongoDB

Download the Slides [PDF 2.2 MB]

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