Working with OS X and Emacs Jan 3, 2011


I’m being featured this week on a new site called How I Work. The site is about letting developers watch screencasts to see how other people work and improve their productivity by learning about new tools and practices. Given the interest in how focused work in an all inclusive environment can help productivity, they contacted me about putting up a workbench on how I use Emacs and how it fits into my overall OS X workflow.

They’ve also got some other cool featured content. Zach Holman who works at github and is known for lots of cool hacks like facelette, boom, etc talks about Automating Inefficiencies. The guys from thoughtbot demo Hoptoad and explain how it can help your development team stay on top of production problems.

Please check it out and vote up my video so other people learn about me and McGeary Consulting Group.

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