Talk: One Man Lightning Talks Apr 2, 2011

RESTON, VA — RubyNation 2011 — To celebrate the NovaRUG’s 50th meeting, they opened the floor to lightning talks. As an added incentive, the highest voted lightning talk was to be given a speaking slot at RubyNation 2011. I guess bringing my friends and family paid off that day. In the spirit of that event, I gave back-to-back lightning talks on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Do Your Commit Messages Suck?
  • “Vendor Everything” Still Applies
  • CoffeeScript: Exposing the Good Parts of JavaScript with Better Syntax
  • How We Use MongoDB at BusyConf
  • HTML5 Application Caching

Download the Slides [PDF 25 MB]

Watch the Video [blip.tv]

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