Disable Chrome's Print Dialog and Use the OS X System Dialog Instead Sep 13, 2012

I really dislike the custom print dialog that ships with Google Chrome nowadays (Chrome is currently at v21 at the time of writing). By itself, it’s not terrible, but I want my print dialog to look like every other darn print dialong on OS X, gosh dammit.

Google Chrome's Print Dialog

When Google first introduced the new print dialog, Chrome also included a custom setting to disable it under about:flags, but in v20, Chrome removed the ability to disabled the print dialog.

There are a couple workarounds on the internet like starting Chrome with an --args --disable-print-preview, but that’s not too feasible under normal conditions. Other solutions recommend using ⌘⌥P or hold down Option () when accessing the File menu, but who wants to remember to use a different keyboard shortcut for just one application?

Fortunately, OS X comes with a relatively simple way to override keyboard shortcuts in specific Applications. Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts. Once there, select Application Shortcuts and add a new shortcut for Google Chrome.

Override for Chrome's Print Shortcut

Make sure the Menu Title reads Print Using System Dialog... exactly, and give it the standard print shortcut (⌘P).

New Chrome Print Shortcuts

Enjoy! Happy Printing!

UPDATE: There’s another workaround that’s relatively painless and works well. Open up Terminal and override the setting at the command line:

defaults write com.google.Chrome DisablePrintPreview -boolean true

This works, but also completely disables the Chrome print dialog altogether, so there’s no way to use it with a different keyboard shortcut in case you want to test the default behavior that most others experience.

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